Flying Biscuit

If you're into breakfast, you'll want to check out the Flying Biscuit, famous for its sugar-dusted, homemade biscuits with raspberry applebutter and the creamy, dreamy grits. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner too.

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If you’re into breakfast, you’ll want to check out the Flying Biscuit Cafe, famous for its sugar-dusted, homemade biscuits with raspberry apple butter and the creamy, dreamy grits. For over 20 years Flying Biscuit captured the attention of their visitors with their Southern charm with a twist of fun. That’s their mantra and how they do things at Flying Biscuit. They’re not a place that serves up any old food with a run-of-the-mill experience. They pride themselves in great service, great food options in a fun environment you won’t forget.

Here’s their promise to their customers:

  1. Healthier options for breakfast lunch and dinner. From our turkey bacon and chicken sausage to our whole-wheat biscuit options, they want people to have healthier choices to fit their diets.
  2. Help their friends and neighbors. They are all in this together. So every Flying Biscuit location has ties to the community through volunteering, fundraising and donations to local organizations.
  3. Always smile. Delivering hospitality, not just service. It’s about having fun and making your day bright from food to fun. We’re all about offering 5 star service with a 1 star price.


The Breakfast Brunch Restaurant Industry:

Rise, shine and eat your breakfast. This seems to be the morning habit of most Americans, judging by the breakfast craze that has gripped the U.S. restaurant industry.

Sales of exclusive breakfast offerings such as coffee, pancakes and doughnuts have become the traffic growth drivers at most U.S. restaurants, of late, outpacing conventional lunch and dinner items. In fact, sales data from restaurant consultancy, Technomic, show that cafés constitute the fastest-growing segment of the fast-food sector.

With gradual improvement in the U.S. job market, consumers are becoming keener on having breakfast at restaurants. Breakfast visits were up 4% year over year for the 12-month period ended May 2015, while lunch and dinner visits remained flat, according to research firm, NPD Group. The breakfast segment is gaining popularity because it is less costly than other meals and has much less waiting times.

The trend has not gone unnoticed by the quick service industry. Last year, Yum! Brands, Inc.’s YUM Taco Bell launched the breakfast category at its stores. The breakfast day part has steadily grown and, at present, accounts for 7% of the Yum! Brands’ sales.

The all-day breakfast trend is also catching up since 2011, as reflected by the number of chains increasing their breakfast offerings and timings. Denny’s Corporation DENN, Jack in the Box Inc. JACK and Sonic Corp. SONC, which have been offering all-day breakfast for quite some time now, further highlighting how trend has been successfully driving sales growth.

By Zacks Equity Research August 10, 2015


The Flying Biscuit Advantages

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